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My Story

For me, it was my social life that got me up and out each day for school. The learning part, not so much. It wasn’t until my sophomore year in college that my Anthropology professor told me that I wasn’t a good test taker.

 “I’M NOT?!”, I shockingly responded. 

She replied, “You never miss a class. You always participate. Your assignments are always submitted on time, but when it comes to taking multiple choice tests, you’re not able to show what you know. Your tests don’t show who you are as a learner.”

Wow!, I thought, I’m NOT a stupid person! 

Strength - Based 

Throughout my entire academic career, my narrative was that I was not good enough. I wasn’t smart, and I wasn’t going to have what all the kids who got called on first have. My entire world shifted that day from those six kind and compassionate words my professor took the time to share. She opened my eyes to a whole new world of who I could be as a learner! In the time it took for her words to sink in, I simultaneously shed all those limiting beliefs I had and all the anxiety and shame I carried as a learner. 

Social Pressure

Also living within my body for years were all the social pressures I’d experienced as a teen, and I carried them with me well into adulthood. They presented as unrealistic fears, insecurity, and dis-ease. This, coupled with my learning difficulties, made me want to be that person for kids and teens that I needed. I wanted to be that teacher who could help them shed light on their true essence. I wanted them to know they were smart and loved, seen and heard, and what they had to say mattered. 

Childhood Traumas Don’t Disappear in Adulthood

I’ve grown into a life-long learner, and became that person I wanted to be for students. For 25 years I was a public school educator, and nothing lights me up more than sharing what I’ve learned with my students and clients. 

I teach students how to tune in to themselves and address their academic and emotional needs, so they can tackle all that life and learning throws their way.

Kids deserve to be well. Kids deserve to be whole.

So do their parents. So do their teachers.

Self-Care First

When parents and teachers take time to tune in, they address situations with more clarity for greater productivity. Childhood traumas don’t disappear in adulthood. They continue to live in the nervous system, and can present as parenting and teaching styles that are overbearing, under-involved, having rigid or having no discipline, withdrawing affection or being too friendly, shaming, “not my kid” conscious, blaming everyone but the child, and the list goes on. 

As an educator, I’ve seen them all. As a parent, I’ve been some of them myself.

The sad fact is, stress & anxiety levels in students are a major public education issue today. Students trust themselves less, lack resiliency, and the ability to cope with minor disruptions. Year after year, I’ve witnessed these levels increase. 

And for families, the same is true. The overwhelm is real. 

I can help.

My Modalities

Breathwork, EFT, meditation, and living mindfully have all taught me how to find my voice, tune into the needs of my inner child, stand in my truth, lessen the overwhelm of life and learning, and empower me to be proud of who I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m headed. I want that for you and your family.

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