Terri Brown, L.Ac

Stillpoint Acupuncture Denville, NJ
“Jennifer is the most passionate, organized and creative teacher that I have ever met. Through her years of teaching, anxiety has become nearly an epidemic among school children. To be more effective in the classroom, she has furthered her education in numerous modalities that are useful for stress and anxiety relief, such as yoga and mindfulness. Jennifer’s background as a long-time educator coupled with her additional skills makes Calm and Cool School an incredible, easy to use resource for kids --and their parents!”

Mike Kuczala

Academic Director, Regional Training Center; Coauthor, The Kinesthetic Classroom: Teaching and Learning through Movement.
“As Academic Director for Regional Training Center, it remains a privilege to work closely with Jennifer Caputo! Her talent as a professional developer, graduate course instructor, and graduate course designer has changed the personal and professional lives of thousands of teachers in the Mid-Atlantic region over the past 18 years. She has built an impressive cadre of instructors that teach her graduate courses Skills for the Collaborative Classroom and The Mindful Classroom in partnership with La Salle University and The College of New Jersey. She has developed a reputation of excellence for her expertise in the areas of Mindfulness, Mindful Meditation, Breathwork and Yoga. Every teacher should have the opportunity to experience Jennifer’s brilliant work!”

Christy Naida Linson

Owner of Prana Yoga Center Denville, NJ; Founder of Aligned Flow; Health Coach
“Jennifer approaches education with enthusiasm, organization, and the desire to make genuine connections with her students. Her passion for wellness and desire to support others has led her to curate a collection of interactive practices that meet her students where they are, and give them tools for life. Her empathetic nature paired with her awarded experience in education enable her to offer valuable support to individuals within a group format. Each curriculum has been created with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure that they are comprehensive and effective for both students and educators. I have been blessed to know Jennifer as both a student and educator for over a decade. I believe that being a good student is essential in becoming an excellent teacher, and Jennifer is a voracious lifelong learner with a desire to share in support of her students' well being.”

Work with Jennifer

Dr. Rosalie Lamonte

"Interim Executive County Superintendent, Department of Education, Warren County". 

“As the 2020 Sussex County Teacher of the Year, and a finalist for State Teacher of the Year, Jennifer Caputo has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to the field of education, particularly in the area of social and emotional learning. Jennifer has demonstrated that students thrive and flourish when the academic classroom is enhanced by combining best practices in mindfulness, yoga, breathwork, and meditation. She has been instrumental in teaching others about these practices, and has recently developed an alternative suspension and detention practice built around social/emotional learning that has been adopted by the Sparta school district. Jennifer’s commitment to the wellbeing of all young people is as remarkable as it is life changing for those with whom she interacts. Her passion is contagious.”

Karen Killen

"Parent; Middle School Teacher, Mount Olive, NJ".

“My son was struggling with anxiety and stress both in and out of the classroom. While using breathing techniques and meditation, he has been able to clear his mind and calm his body. These techniques provide him a much needed mental breaks to help him relax, reenergize and refocus. This, combined with EFT has completely transformed his mood, energy level, and overall emotional well-being. Breathwork, tapping, and meditation has helped him become a happier and healthier child.”

Toniann Labar

“I can’t say enough about Jennifer Caputo, both professionally and personally.
On a professional level, Jennifer incorporates SEL into all aspects of our curriculum on a daily basis. The extensive work she does with mindfulness and meditation is just amazing. As the Guidance Counselor, it makes me so happy to see students utilizing the tools she has modeled for them and I give her credit when the students are able to showcase what they have learned, like meditation, breathing, and tapping techniques. My students have even asked if they could share these techniques themselves to show others in my group what they have learned!
On a personal level, you can’t help but feel peace when speaking with Jenn. I’ve taken her classes to help manage my wellness, and have truly enjoyed them. She is always willing to assist in any way she can and always does it with compassion! It has been a pleasure to work beside her and learn new ways to help with my own wellbeing while watching her succeed with her students.”

Dr. Dan Johnson

Superintendent, Butler Public Schools; Adjunct Professor at Centenary College

“As we approach a time in our society and within our educational settings that require students and staff to find ways to manage their social and emotional growth in order to fully access their educational potential, Jenn Caputo offers skill acquisition training that truly benefits all within our schools. We have learned the importance - if not the necessity - of mindful practices and wellness as a focus for educating the whole child. Furthermore, we have learned the importance of caring for those who work with our children to keep them refreshed and able to offer their best on a consistent basis. Jenn's trainings and programs bring tangible information and practices that staff and students can implement immediately and see positive results. Jenn's affable nature and affinity for education make her a welcomed addition to any school district's PD efforts.”

Enza DeNicola


“My son, Frankie, had Mrs. Caputo in 5th-grade at Helen Morgan School in Sparta, NJ. He is now in 8th grade and still speaks so highly of Mrs. Caputo and his experience in her class. He often says that he wishes to go back to her class. She made him feel so relaxed. She taught him techniques to help calm his mind, prepare to do schoolwork as well as helping him to get organized and prepared for 6th-grade. She had couches set up in the classroom as well as other flexible seating options.
From a parent’s perspective, he was motivated by the way she taught, the way she guided her class through meditation, practicing mindfulness and her calm, accepting while still being firm teaching style. Since my son left her class, I have always said that every teacher should offer meditation, breathing methods and downtime during the school day. It’s often said that certain kids would benefit from this type of classroom setting and teaching style. I personally think that every child could benefit from the teaching methods and tools that Mrs. Caputo uses to conduct her school day. I am forever grateful to her.”

Doug Layman

Principal, Helen Morgan School Sparta, NJ

“If this past year in education has taught us one thing, it's that student wellness must be the foundation of the student learning experience. Most teachers address this through building relationships with students and creating safe and welcoming classroom cultures. Jennifer's methods and strategies take this to a much more effective level by teaching students how to embrace and utilize the powerful tools of meditation, breathwork and other mindfulness-based exercises. Yes, Jennifer's classes are warm and welcoming environments but the students also develop an awareness of wellness that they will utilize for the rest of their lives.”

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