Emotional Freedom Technique


An emotional form of acupuncture, the practice of EFT stimulates various meridian points in the body by tapping on them with the fingertips.

Nicknamed "tapping", this simple stress-reduction technique is a blend of acupressure, kinesiology, mindfulness, exposure therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

This practice supports emotional, physical, and situational pain and discomfort. 

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7 Minute
Healing Breathwork Meditation

Healing Breathwork Meditation


This ancient yogic breathwork pattern allows you to open up to messages your body has for you with an open heart and an open mind. 

You will connect to your truest self, your inner wisdom, creativity, love, and intuition as your body sheds layers of anxiousness, shame, guilt, grief, social pressures, and other limiting core beliefs that disrupt the nervous system.

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