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Shift for Wellness promotes positivity and wellness.


After my own journey through cancer, I was approached often by people who had been dealing with their own struggles of a recent cancer diagnosis, various conditions and diseases, marital problems, and the like. Their questions were always the same: How did you get through such a tough time so positively?

I quickly realized I needed to create a space where people could go to get inspired by stories, strategies, and tips with purpose and intention.

Brain & Body In The Classroom

It's always been my practice as a teacher to share what I learn with my colleagues, students, and their parents.

My journey inspired me to bring the idea of wellness to the classroom. The mind/body connection is essential to the learning process. 

Through the practice of mindfulness and the healing modalities of EFT and healing breathwork, teachers, students, and their parents:

  •     increase focus and concentration
  •     gaining a sense of calm
  •     decrease stress and anxiety
  •     manage impulse control
  •     gain self-awareness
  •     regulate difficult emotions
  •     become more empathetic 
  •     open to successful conflict-resolution
Work with Jennifer

5-Part Wellness Workshop Series 


I was first inspired to create a 5-Part Wellness Workshop Series for people who were home or bed-bound. The intention was to teach people how to support themselves. 

For the better part of 3 months, I was in bed managing the effects of chemotherapy,  internal and external radiationI know all too well the games the mind and emotions can play when you're lying awake at night and everyone else in the house is sound asleep, or you're left home alone while the rest of the family is out working. I know how important it is to beat the mind and emotions at their own game.

The workshop series led to the creation of a blog, which then led to a podcast channel, which later rolled into continuing my education in the health and wellness field with certifications in various healing modalities. Somewhere wrapped up in all of that, I began leading professional development for school districts, creating online courses, and developing a private practice working with teachers, kids, teens, and their parents, as well as anyone else who was ready to release anxiousness and overwhelm in exchange it for a calmer, easier, lighter, and brighter lifestyle.

If you want to shift the relationship to your diagnosis, find peace along your medical journey, or overcome everyday roadblocks, adversity, and situational trauma so you can reach your full potential, download the Wellness Ebook and get yourself the support you need.



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It's Been An Amazing Journey


It is here, in this space where I share with you what worked, what doesn't work, and what continues to work for me as a person, a parent, and as a teacher.

Choosing wellness for me is an intentional practice. I'm told I make it look easy, but trust me, every move is about not compromising my health. Sometimes it can be very challenging, but with a little shift in thinking the days can be calm, cool, smooth, and easy.

If you want to rediscover confidence and courage despite your circumstance, book a consultation.

If you want to lessen the overwhelm of the school day for yourself, your child, or your entire family, book a consultation.

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You deserve to be well. You deserve to be whole.