#2 Support System...Family and Friends

Oct 05, 2014

Every person managing adversity should be fortunate enough to be surrounded by compassionate and loving family and friends.  I was that lucky.  I am a mother of two wonderful children.  At the time of my diagnosis, my daughter was beginning her freshman year in high school.  My son was entering seventh grade.  Their dad was absolutely amazing at managing a home, their schooling, work, and taking care of me in and out of the hospital (oftentimes with his eyes half-open).

One piece often overlooked when one is not well, is the health and wellness of the caregivers.  They need just as much TLC because they're burning the candle at both ends.

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends. Everyone from the kids' classmates and soccer families to my parents, siblings, family friends, and neighbors took care of our children.  Thanks to the generosity of my neighborhood, we had a hot meal on our table every evening...dessert included!  What else could I ask for?  I know what, colleagues who showed their love through cards and letters, pictures and signs to hang in my hospital room, and baskets and baskets of goodies. So, so, so blessed!