#24 Gratitude Challenge

Jan 08, 2017

At night while falling asleep, I do my 4-7-8 breath and lead myself into a moment of gratitude.  I choose three things from the day I am grateful for, and then I easily turn those three into ten!

This year, I have been given the challenge to keep a gratitude journal for 21 days.  This is no challenge for me.  In order for me to make it a challenge, I chose to post it every day to share with you all.

To prove just what a challenge posting regularly is for me, here is a post of the first five days of the challenge: (see?)

Day 1

Wednesday, 1/5/17…Yoga Practice

Today I stuck to my original plan of attending one of my favorite yoga classes after school, even though it meant I had to leave shortly after the kids were dismissed and didn’t straighten up the way I would have liked to. The class was absolutely fabulous and the practice totally outweighed tiding up my classroom, which I can do tomorrow when I arrive at school

Day 2

Thursday, 1/6/17…Happy Knees

Grateful that I have been paying attention to the needs of my knees, which have been more than cranky lately. (This is new.) The daily healing energy and visualization I am working on are paying off.

Day 3

Friday, 1/7/17…Doctors, Nurses, Practitioners, Technicians, Scientists

I am grateful for those who have chosen medicine as their life’s work. They heal my wounds and their wondrous, creative minds have the capacity to devise medicines and provide the cures we need in the world.

Day 4

Saturday, 1/8/17…Strength

I am grateful my body is strong enough to help stack the firewood Steve chopped today. We worked in the cold, snowy morning for over an hour and it felt great. It sure beats sitting on the couch. I remember when I couldn't walk into the doctor's office without the help of a wheelchair.

Day 5

Sunday, 1/9/17…Sunshine

I am grateful for the warmth it provides and the growth opportunities it offers our environment. I am grateful for its simple beauty.

What About You?

How do you practice gratitude?  Do you keep a journal or a daily ritual of thanks? Have you begun to keep one for this year? Even thinking of one thing you are grateful for as you move throughout the day is enough to shift your mood into a happier space.  Love to all on this sunny Sunday (in Jersey anyway).