#55. Look to Yourself for the Relationships You Crave

Oct 22, 2022


A big part of living and growing a life that is whole is understanding, and being in sync with, the Universal flow of energy.

The Universal flow of energy is about creating a trusting, secure, and loving relationship with yourself. It’s about looking to yourself for the relationship you crave. 

As a wellness coach and energy healer, I work with anyone who finds their way to me. Primarily, my clients are families: parents, children, and also many teachers. As an educator, I’ve been counseling parents and guiding children for over 25 years.

Many of their hearts are closed. They’ve been shielded, protected, locked up…and they don’t even realize it. What they do realize and notice is their lethargy, their mood swings, aggravations, brain fog, weight gain, aches, pains. In children, they have frustration, spiking levels of anxiety, and an inability to cope with the most minor disruptions.

So what causes this to happen and how can it be fixed?

Social conditioning, limiting beliefs of fear, worry, guilt, anxiety, ancestral programming, and the list goes on.

Developing a relationship with the breath, in particular the style of pranayama yoga, healing breathwork meditation, you work to expand your heart, and counteract this attack on your nervous system from such things.

Your breath allows for an increase of self love, and this work will also help to clear your karma for this lifetime as it fine tunes your awareness to your soul.


The Hardest Lesson & Completing Your Karma

The hardest lesson for me to learn, not only as a person, but as a coach and healer, is that not everyone is on the path to wellness.

However, once you develop yourself in this arena, and begin to create that real connection with your true essence, your true spirit, if you do the work to clear out all those energies that are stuck and stagnant in your nervous system, you will complete your karma for this lifetime, and along the way you will most likely find that you’re helping others as well!

We’ve all been given the gift of free will, and with that, we have the power to decide which energies we allow to live within us.  So, if things seem off, if you notice that things haven’t been going your way lately, of you’re not well or sad, you're grieving, you’re always tired, blaming others, if limiting beliefs are taking over, and you’re walking around with some heaviness, you’re not laughing as much, not forgiving, you lack compassion, and you’re missing that skip in your step, it’s time to expand your heart and breathe those negative energies up and out to make room for self love.


Show Me How

Come and join me the second Monday of each month and begin your heart expanding journey to karma clearing and creating a sacred relationship within. You will soon attract other beautiful souls who resonate with you, and you will also notice those who do not slowly drift away. 

Honor your space. Honor your energy. Honor yourself.